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Monday, April 19, 2010


Google Chrome Incompatible with Google Sites

I've been using Google Chrome browser for email, calendar, and bug tracking, the mainstays of office/administration work. Chrome Pros: That nicely keeps it separate from my debugging work, which occurs primarily in Firefox. I like Chrome a lot better than its WebKit sister, Safari. In most cases, it just gets out of my way. No "did you really want to close 9 tabs?" Close em. We'll reopen them if you change your mind. Cons: You would think that Google would go out of their way to assure that their browser is compatible their online apps. Here are some deficits:
  1. Google Maps: Traffic fails to appear when switched on. I use Google maps once a day to check my traffic commute. Why does it work in Firefox, and on my iPhone, and not in the browser over which Google has full control?
  2. Gmail and Incognito Mode: Chrome's privacy mode is incompatible with Gmail login. I'd like to add incognito to https to further secure my business and personal email and calendar. Login for personal email failed on three attempts. After opening in a regular Chrome window, it worked. Corporate Gmail worked in Incognito mode after 2 attempts.
Has anyone else observed breakage of Google sites or apps under Chrome?


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